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What Are You Saying About You?

Six seconds. It takes approximately six seconds to tie a shoelace, six seconds to open one letter, butter one slice of bread and it takes six short seconds to make a first impression.

All things considered, this is not a lot of time within which to convey a lot of information about you. Yet people will make assumptions about you within these few short seconds. My role is to inspire you to gain the confidence and build the tools to be able to sell yourself!

cindy dachuk - leadership expert

Cindy Dachuk, Founder of Titan Training

Dr. Albert Mehrabian of UCLA found that there are three key elements that
combine to create a first impression

Chart of 3 key first impression elements

If you refer to the percentages above, you will notice that the content of what you say is not nearly as important as how you say it, or even how you look saying it.  Yet, most professionals focus more of their time on the content of their presentation rather than on the other two elements.  They are inadvertently overlooking the power of the non-verbal communication and risking success as a result. Creating a strong first impression requires you to strategically refine the image you portray by aligning the vocal and visual elements with the message that you want to deliver.  The consistency of the message is the key.

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What I learned from Cindy Dachuk is absolutely Beyond Words

Dr. Thomas DuncanHello, my name is Dr. Thomas Duncan. I'm a Family Physician and a Life Transformation Expert and the information I learned from Cindy Dachuk is absolutely Beyond Words! The ability to communicate congruently between my words, tonality and most importantly body language has had an immediate impact on both my clinical practice and personal life! Applying the simple tools I learned with Cindy, I have established rapport even quicker and more importantly figure out who is interested in doing business with me instantly. Personally with my family, I have been able to connect on an even more deeper and satisfying level. When would be a good time like now to take your life to the next level! Cindy Dachuk is the person you need to make this happen. Seek her out and I promise she will add value to every aspect of your life! Thank you so much Cindy for all of your support and guidance!

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